My Saturday Mornings — the one with the Tiger

Welcome, Saturday! I was waiting so eagerly for this morning after the week it was. It surely felt different. The Sun greeted us differently. Hide and seek and peek a boo from behind the clouds.

It is a luxury to find a building with Washer and Dryer in unit. As a result, the city has multiple commercial laundries. This morning we started walking down along Jones Street, and I mean literally down the hill, and on our way, we passed multiple old coin laundries now upgraded to card laundries. But one laundry caught our attention. It clubs a laundromat and cafe. And this cafe serves Charcoal Coffee. I definitely had to try this place.

As the place was enticing from outside, so was it inside. A cozy place that serves hot coffee and free wifi. You can camp there with your laptop and get that to-do list done while your clothes get washed. The cafe was also inception on its own. It had a cafe in the cafe. The next photo briefs you more on this.

Central Perk from F.R.I.E.N.D.S! The lego people, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, and Monica having coffee while enjoying Phoebe's Smelly Cat! Do not miss out on the recording studio spotlight, just to jolt you back to the real world of Hideaway Cafe.

Our brunch stop was the Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery . The menu card is huge and not in terms of the items served, but the menu card is available on a huge blackboard and handwritten in beautiful chalk art.

The next stop was the Fine Arts Gallery. I am not worthy of commenting on art. I found myself interested in two artist’s work. LaFleur , an artist from Canada. The pictures had a backdrop of books. To me, it was as if the stories from the book are coming alive and painting a picture. The scene of the sun rays shedding light on the story was so beautifully done as if it was only because of the sunlight coming from rays can we see the scene. As we walked through a gallery I saw a few animal depictions framed and put up on the wall. To me, it looked like it was a work of fur or some other textile. Only to realize, it was all paint. Every hair of the animal’s body could be seen separately. Be it the zebra, cheetah, the colorful lion, or the white tiger. It was as if the tiger is clicked with a very high definition camera that highlights the minutest feature of the tiger’s face. Helmut Koller was the artist behind these paintings of the animals like a mirage. I also came to know about a French Artist Michel Delacroix who paints the Paris of the past. As I said I am a lover of the old times. I liked it when less technology was involved in everything that we do. The times as I had seen when I was a child. Delacroix paints the Paris of his childhood. You can just keep looking at one picture and there are so many things to notice. They tell a tale of the everyday life of everyday people, the common folks.

From Paris to San Francisco was a fast journey as we exited the gallery and started walking along the streets of San Francisco. As a second nature, I kept looking at the buildings around and above. One strange building caught my attention. I was curious about what must be the story behind its unusual construction. Was it made in parts? Or was the original design like this. Then walking a few more blocks you see the Hobart building. A few more blocks and you see this tall white unusually amusing building with rare windows. Also, Quincy is a street in SF, where the street name signs are glued to the buildings and do not have a post of its own. Wonder why is that!

One building two colors and textures

This Saturday was about silent stories. The Hideaway Cafe houses a story with each new visitor, multiple stories that paintings tell, and the stories behind raising each building.



Pranjali Chumbhale

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